The wind turbine industry

The wind turbine industry requires a long service life for all components. The fact that the turbines must be able to withstand weather, wind and environmental conditions places great demands on all stages of the production process

The steel chimneys

Most of the world’s production of steel chimneys takes place in Denmark and is located in Esbjerg, where several companies specialise in designing and producing customer-specific solutions.

Oil and gas

Surface treatment of structures for use offshore places exceptionally high demands on safety, quality and working environment, as well as strict standards to follow.

Infrastructure and construction

We are, among other things, specialists in performing passive fire protection of rafters and other building constructions with fire paint, where required by building regulations.
Due to our experience and know-how, we offer

World-class surface treatment

Dangard A/S was established on 1 January 2020 through a merger of the Danish surface finishers Dancoat A/S’s and Gardit A/S’s factory activities.

The merger of the two companies’ factory activities has taken place in the newly established company DanGard A/S, which is owned 50/50 and managed by the two owner-managers, Henrik Matthiesen and Morten Lindholt Laursen.

Both companies have had the wind turbine industry as one of their primary customer relationships throughout their lifetime. Thus, they have thereby built up an experience base and know-how concerning practical quality surface treatment, which provides the opportunity to deliver world-class surface treatment.



With seven factories, we have the largest factory capacity in the world for surface treatment of large and small steel structures


We clean, blast and paint all sizes of steel structures.


DanGard A/S is proud to be both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.
We are specialists

Considerable demands are made on surface treatment.

Of course, considerable demands are placed on all stages of the surface treatment process, which it must be able to document down to the smallest detail from receipt to delivery. Dangard are specialists in surface treatment of all types of steel components regardless of size.

Industrial painting

Industrial painting

We paint the items in accordance with the customer’s requirements and specifications for corrosion classes and paint systems.


We offer metallisation - a cathodic protection of steel where zinc or aluminium is applied as an anode manually or with a robot.


An important pre-treatment for the following surface treatment to achieve optimal adhesion and correct corrosion class.


The correct pre-treatment is of crucial importance for the high quality and long lifetime of the painting system.
Dangard A/S tilbyder...

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Value for our customers
We want to add value for our customers by optimally protecting their constructions in all environments.
With the wind turbine industry as one of the primary customer relationships, we have thus built up the know-how that makes it possible to deliver world-class surface treatment.
Qualified employees
The organisation consists of the most qualified and experienced employees who have been engaged in surface treatment for many decades.
Quality assurance
As a customer of Dangard, you are always guaranteed a quality-assured and sustainable result with a focus on your specific requirements and, not least, the environment.

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